Organizational arrangements

The Global Refugee Forum provides the international community with the opportunity to come together around the shared objective of increasing cooperation and solidarity with refugees and affected host countries.

The Global Refugee Forum will be co‐hosted by UNHCR and Switzerland, and co-convened by Costa Rica, Ethiopia, Germany, Pakistan and Turkey. They will be involved in mobilizing broad political support for the Forum.

At the same time, States and other stakeholders can become co-sponsors, participating in a broad alliance of support on a specific area of focus for the Global Refugee Forum and using their energy and expertise to mobilize concrete contributions towards that area. View a more detailed description of the co-sponsorship concept – including how to become a co-sponsor.

Visit this page regularly for information about meetings of the co-sponsorship groups.

List of co-sponsors

Please click on the area of focus below to see who the confirmed co-sponsors are for that area.