Contact UNHCR in Malaysia



General queries

UNHCR General Office 
+603 2118 4800 
(between 8.00am to 4.00pm) 
Email: [email protected]

To report arrests, and queries on detention cases

UNHCR Call Center Hotline 
+6012 630 5060 
(Queries on detention between 8.00am to 4.00pm only)

Queries on employment of refugees

Livelihoods team
+603 2118 4841
Email: [email protected]

Queries on media

External Relations Section
Media queries: +603 2118 4812 or +603 2118 4986
Email: [email protected]

Queries on volunteering

Volunteer coordinator
+603 2118 4939
Email: [email protected]

Queries on conducting academic research

For queries on conducting academic research, including 
requesting for interviews or information, please email: [email protected] 
Kindly include your complete research topic/angle and questions, and accompanied by an attestation from your university. This will be reviewed by the UNHCR Representative.

Queries on monthly donations

Monthly giving or online giving: +603 2118 4823
Donor Care Hotline (monthly giving): +603 2773 2800
Email: [email protected]