Country Information and Guidance

Reports covering the general conditions, state of human rights, and major events of countries.

As part of the asylum application, an applicant must submit documentation providing background information about the general conditions and state of human rights in their country of origin. Country Conditions Reports may be newspaper articles, government reports, non-governmental organization reports, among others. This information may assist in supporting an applicant's claim of suffered persecution or fear that they will suffer persecution.


The country reports listed below can also be found on Refworld*, UNHCR's online database. Refworld can be used to search topics by keyword and/or country and features international reports from both governments and non-governmental organizations.

*Disponible en español.

UNHCR Eligibility Guidelines

These reports provide guidance on claims from asylum-seekers from a specific country or region who may qualify for protection based on certain "risk profiles" or who find themselves in certain circumstances. 

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General Country Reports*

*Reports are typically updated on an annual basis.

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