UNHCR Representative in Egypt


Prior to joining UNHCR, Mr. Mateu worked as a consultant for International Labour Organization (ILO) and founded a national NGO in his native country (El Salvador) which specializes in microfinance and local-level development.

Having worked for more than 30 years with UNHCR, Pablo Mateu has served in nine countries and the agency’s Headquarters in Geneva. His field experience includes camp-based refugee situations (Algeria, Mauritania, Mexico), reintegration of returnees (Afghanistan, Central America, Mozambique) and internally displaced persons (Ukraine, Bosnia & Herzegovina). He served as UNHCR Representative in Algiers (2008-2009) and Kyiv (2016-2021). At HQ level, his experience centered on linking humanitarian assistance with development; inter-agency cooperation; livelihoods; and durable solutions, as well as independent oversight (assessing the quality of management of UNHCR operations around the world).