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In a complex environment with fast shifting needs and priorities, we depend on donors to provide contributions that can be allocated as flexibly as possible. These allow us to direct funds where they are most needed, providing protectionshelterwaterhealtheducation and other essentials to millions of refugeesasylum-seekers and stateless and internally displaced people around the world.

Top Donors

2021: Top 5 donors*
Donor USD
*As of 17 August 2021
United States of America 🇺🇸 26,350,631
European Union 🇪🇺 9,672,446
Germany 🇩🇪 6,281,910
Italy 🇮🇹 1,227,679
Netherlands 🇳🇱 813,835

Funding Status

as of 17 August

Donor profiles

All donors who have funded UNHCR’s activities in recent years are included in this section on our Global Focus website.

When UNHCR refers to flexible funding, this is what it means:

Unearmarked funding

Contributed without restrictions on its use. It provides UNHCR with vital flexibility in determining how best to protect and assist people of concern who are in the greatest need or at the greatest risk.

Softly earmarked funding

Allows UNHCR to allocate resources across a range of countries and activities in a given region or situation, or a specific Pillar, theme or activity in accordance with identified priorities.

Multi-year funding

Pledged for 24 months or more. Whilst not all multiyear funding is flexible, the value of this type of contribution is its predictability, allowing UNHCR to apportion resources where they are needed most at the beginning of the year.

Earmarked funding

Contributions for a specific country without any further limitations. Also includes contributions for the response to an emergency situation within a specified country.

Tightly earmarked funding

Contributions that are earmarked for a specific project or sector within a country or division. Also includes in-kind contributions and Junior Professional Officers.


Flexible Funding

Denmark 8 million | United States of America 7.6 million | Private donors Australia 6.2 million | Finland 6 million | Sweden 5.4 million | Private donors Germany 5.1 million | Private donors Republic of Korea 3.1 million | Japan 2.9 million

Norway 80 million | Sweden 66.9 million | Private donors Spain 49.7 million | Netherlands 36.1 million | Denmark 34.6 million | Germany 26 million | Private donors Republic of Korea 25 million | Japan 23.4 million | France 20.2 million | Private donors Japan 17.6 million | Switzerland 16.4 million | Ireland 12.5 million | Private donors Italy 12.3 million | Belgium 11.9 million | Italy 10.7 million | Private donors Sweden 10.6 million