Refugee Voices

Refugees in Egypt pitch in to fight plastic pollution in the Nile

Working alongside locals, refugees from five countries help remove tonnes of plastic waste from Cairo’s shores while building links to the local community

Refugee chefs get pro-tips


A 7-day cooking course funded by UNHCR empowers female refugee cooks in Egypt by teaching them how to sustain their catering businesses.

Sudanese refugee girl chases education dream in Egypt

Nousa arrived in Egypt as a refugee from Sudan three years ago with one simple ambition: to secure an education for herself, and pave a future for her family. A school in Cairo attended largely by refugee children from Sudan and South Sudan is helping her get one.

Raghad’s Dream


To overcome her hardships, Raghad indulges in her art. Her drawings are both therapeutic and ambitious – she hopes one day to become a successful fashion designer.

Batoul’s Story


A single refugee mother in Egypt, Batoul struggles to support her five children.

Sumaya: Sudanese refugee desperate to reach husband

Sumaya from Sudan, is part of Egypt’s “forgotten population”, African refugees in Egypt, stuck in limbo and hoping desperately to be reunited with her husband in Europe.

Amira’s Journey

Amira went through endless difficulties while crossing Sudan, trying to make a living in Egypt, and finally attempting to depart by sea towards an uncertain destination.

Nabil’s Journey

With a passion for arts and music, Nabil and his family tell their story of resilience in Egypt.

Syrian wrestling star opens sports academy for refugees in Egypt

Amir Awad is a wrestling champion from Syria. He won his first tournament at the age of 11 and was Syria’s national wrestling champion 18 times.