The generous contribution from Sawiris Foundation (SFSD) in June 2020 supported 2,673 refugee households identified by UNHCR as highly vulnerable as a result of COVID-19.

The partnership secured monthly cash grants to refugees currently in dire need of support to make ends meet, having lost their livelihood due to the pandemic and have either been or are at risk of being evicted.

SFSD’s donation came in response to an appeal for USD 10.2 million UNHCR Egypt has made to address the impact of COVID-19. That was a good opportunity to reach more refugees in need, support refugee access to primary and secondary healthcare, expand access of refugee children to distance learning and ensure protection services for marginalized groups are maintained.

In October 2020, UNHCR signed a partnership agreement with SFSD to support refugee children for the next two years. This was the second agreement to be signed between UNHCR and SFSD, solidifying and furthering the commitment to supporting vulnerable refugees in Egypt.