Emergency in Pakistan

IDP children from Swat wander around in UNHCR Jalala camp, Peshawar, Pakistan. Since early May, 2 million people have been displaced from Swat, Lower Dir and Buner districts following conflict between militans and governmental forces. © UNHCR/H.Caux/28 May 2009.

Please donate and help the UN refugee agency (UNHCR) provide shelter, water and emergency supplies to families forced to flee their homes in Pakistan.

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UNHCR has responded promptly to the crisis, setting up 12 registration centres and three new camps for the displaced. But we need your help to continue.

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UNHCR's refund policy
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Pakistan/IDPs/ Women clutch their national ID cards as they wait to register at a registration center in Mardan district, North West Frontier Province. © UNHCR/A.Rummery/ 7 May 2009.

How you can help
Provides 20 wool blankets to protect refugees from the cold.

Provides a survival kit to a refugee family, with essentials such as blankets, cooking and heating stove.

Provides an all-season tent to shelter a family of 5.

Sinks two wells to provide clean water for refugees.

Provides a therapeutic feeding kit to feed 100 children.
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