World Refugee Day: Microsoft pledges to raise funds for UNHCR on Facebook

UNHCR corporate partner Microsoft pledges US$50,000 to the agency's "Gimme Shelter" campaign through Facebook platform, Causes.

16 Jun 2009

New feature on Microsoft messaging service to benefit millions of refugee children

Millions of young refugees are set to benefit from a new feature launched on the Windows Live Messenger service this week in the United States by UNHCR corporate partner, Microsoft. The "i'm" initiative is designed to connect users of the instant messaging programme to UNHCR's campaign, which aims to give refugee children greater access to education and sport programmes.

2 Mar 2007

UNHCR and business partners give refugee kids a voice through campaign

High Commissioner António Guterres briefed participants at the annual World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland on the campaign - an innovative way to give voice to many of the world's refugee children.

24 Jan 2007

Microsoft launches "Click for Cause" initiative to support UNHCR web campaign

UNHCR corporate partner Microsoft launches an initiative to support an Internet-based campaign aimed at promoting sports and education for millions of refugee children around the world. "Click for the Cause" will help raise extra funds for UNHCR's campaign.

17 Jan 2007

"Fotola" - Microsoft and UNHCR team up to better protect refugees

A comprehensive database with more complete information on individual refugees and their needs has been set up in a joint project between the UN refugee agency and software company Microsoft. Tanzania is one of 41 countries where the project it is providing added protection for refugees.

10 Apr 2006

Hi-tech hope for refugees in Russia, thanks to UNHCR, Red Cross and Microsoft initiative

The world's first community technology centre for refugees and local disabled people opened today in the historic Russian City of St. Petersburg. A joint initiative by UNHCR, the Red Cross and Microsoft, the centre will provide an invaluable opportunity for refugees to fulfil their potential through access to technology and IT skills.

15 Apr 2004

Microsoft to provide learning centres for refugees

UNHCR and Microsoft have signed a letter of understanding under which the software giant will provide expertise and funds to establish learning centres for refugees in Kenya and Russia.

12 Dec 2003