Fair Play Cup 2019

Over 500 people come together for the 10th Fair Play Football Cup to mark World Refugee Day


Fair Play Cup Winners 2019 from Kilkenny  © UNHCR


For the 10th year running, refugees and asylum-seekers from across Ireland came together for the UNHCR-Sport Against Racism Ireland Fair Play Cup on June 23rd.

Held each year in the Law Society to mark World Refugees Day, an action packed day ended with Kilkenny taking home the trophy in the men’s tournament in the face of tough opposition from previous winners Hot Press.

A South American strong team helped Ladies Force united to the women’s trophy 

While the rain eventually made an appearance later in the day, both players and spectators were in great spirits, with the dark clouds making for a dramatic final. For those who were too small to fully enjoy the football, entertainment was provided by the Dublin Circus Project, with great tunes from DJ JK and food from Madina adding to the enjoyment of the day. 


Rohingya Girls at the Fair Play Cup 2019  © UNHCR


World Refugee Day is an important opportunity to salute the strength and resilience of refugees; the solidarity of those countries, including Ireland, who assist them; and the contribution refugees make to their new homes around the world.