Quality Initiative


Working together to improve asylum procedures

UNHCR's work with the Irish authorities includes the examination of decisions, personal interaction with staff at all levels and the provision of feedback in the context of training and other support initiatives. The work being undertaken draws on best practice developed by UNHCR through activities implemented in other EU Member States and internationally.

In Europe, UNHCR has been involved in a range of quality activities. These include the Asylum Systems Quality Assurance and Evaluation Mechanism (ASQAEM) and the Further Developing Quality (FDQ) projects which have been implemented in 12 EU Member States, as well as other projects involving individual European countries working with UNHCR. The UNHCR ‘Improving Asylum Procedures’ study has also contributed to the development of quality procedures in the EU. Developing the quality of refugee and subsidiary protection decision making is a key objective for UNHCR and for EU Member States and the further development of quality initiatives in EU Member States is a priority for the European Asylum Support Office (EASO). The initiative in Ireland draws on these activities.

UNHCR will continue to collaborate closely with the Irish authorities in the future on the development of best practice in these areas.