About Residente

Rapper, writer and producer Rene Pérez "Residente" has been collaborating with UNHCR since 2015, when he donated the rights to "Me Vieron Cruzar", a song by his band Calle 13. This became the official anthem for our Vuelta al Mundo en una Mochila (Around the World in a Backpack) campaign.

Residente uses his platform and talents to help raise awareness for the refugee cause. He frequently shares messages on his social media profiles, helping his millions of followers understand the hardships that refugees encounter every day.

In 2017, Residente recorded a message for our Children on the Run campaign, urging the governments of Latin America to support the thousands of children fleeing persecution and forced recruitment by gangs in Central America.

During filming for his documentary 'War', Residente visited a refugee camp on the border of Lebanon and Syria, which allowed him to gain a better understanding of the refugee crisis and become a stronger advocate for the refugee cause.