Teaching materials ages 9-12

Children are encouraged to think of their own experiences and link them to topics being addressed. They are also encouraged to work in pairs or groups and to listen and take in other people’s perspectives.

Video and audio materials for this age group tell stories of a refugee child of the same age as the pupils through discussion of upbeat, familiar and relevant topics such as why people might leave their home, their new home-life, hobbies, toys, new school life and future dreams.

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Main curriculum about refugees, asylum and migration

This main curriculum for children aged 9 -12 focuses on building socio-emotional skills and facilitating peer relationships, celebrating diversity, understanding new arrivals in the classroom and creating a peaceful environment in the classroom.

Integrating teaching about refugees, asylum and migration in your class activities 

This module contains some guidance and ideas on how to introduce the topic in various settings in your classroom.

Activity guide for 9 – 12 year olds

This practical guide contains some suggestions for class activities.

Video exercise

Malak and Takwa's story

Malak and Takwa are eleven year old twins from Syria. They fled the war with their father, a karate teacher, their mother and their sister and three brothers. The family first went to Jordan and were then resettled to Luxembourg, where the twins are now going to school. They recently bought a rabbit. Malak wants to be a fashion designer when she grows up.

Greece. Refugees and migrants arrive in Lesvos.

Malak and Takwa's story

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