Connectivity for Refugees

Displaced people are living without the connectivity they need to obtain vital information, communicate with loved ones, access basic services and link to the local, national and global communities around them.

Through creative partnerships and smart investments, we aim to ensure that all refugees, and the communities hosting them, have access to available, affordable and usable mobile and internet connectivity.


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of refugee communities lack the requisite digital infrastructure for internet access and mobile communications


of refugee households have no phone at all


of refugees disposable income is often spent on staying connected

Our Innovation projects draw on the expertise of different UNHCR divisions, refugees, academia and the private sector to creatively address complex refugee challenges.

New projects are prototyped and tested in UNHCR operations worldwide, but we also look for ways to adapt existing innovations to refugee-specific contexts.

Each year, 20 UNHCR Innovation Fellows are trained, mentored and supported as they work to address challenges unique to their operations.