Six-month-old South Sudanese refugee Emma sits on a mat in the shade in Bidibidi refugee settlement, Yumbe District, Northern Region, Uganda.
© UNHCR/David Azia

Nobody Left Outside

Join us today and help shelter people forced to flee.

The Nobody Left Outside Campaign has ended but our work continues

In May 2016 UNHCR launched the Nobody Left Outside Campaign with the aim of connecting supporters all over the world to create a real change for families forced to flee. The goal was simple – raise USD 25 Million to shelter people who been forced to flee their homes.

In three and a half years our amazing supporters donated USD 25.7 million to shelter men, women and children who now can start rebuilding their lives again! Thanks to everyone who joined the Shelter Campaign – this could not have been done without you!

Our supporters’ generous contribution has provided shelter solutions to hundreds of thousands of people forced to flee in Jordan, Lebanon, Iraq, Tanzania, Rwanda, Kenya, Chad, Niger, Bangladesh, Ukraine, Greece, Mexico and Guatemala.

Your donation is still needed

Although we have come to the end of the Shelter Campaign, UNHCR’s shelter work is far from completed and as we speak millions of families still need a safe shelter. Providing shelter and protection is at the core of UNHCR’s work around the world and, as long as conflict, violence and disaster forces people from their homes we will continue this mission. This is why we still rely on your support.