Volunteering Terms


Volunteering Terms

  • Registration.
    All volunteers coordinated under UNHCR must be registered under the UNHCR Volunteer Database. This can be done by filling in the registration form here.
  • Age limit
    Volunteers need to be 18 years or older to volunteer with UNHCR.

  • Time commitment in volunteering
    UNHCR requests for a minimum volunteering commitment of three months. Although for teaching assignments at leaning centres the minimum commitment is six months.   There is no limit of the maximum amount of time a person may volunteer.

    Volunteers do not have to volunteer every day, but UNHCR requests that the volunteer develop a regular volunteering schedule of at least once a week, or as needed.

    The regularity of the volunteering will be pre-agreed with the Volunteer Coordinator.

    For volunteers intending to provide services directly to refugees (eg teaching, health services, welfare assistance), UNHCR discourages one-off volunteering.

  • UNHCR Volunteers are requested to read and understand the Code of Conduct for volunteers, and are expected to abide by this.
  • All services provided by volunteers are completely voluntary on the part of the volunteer, and UNHCR is unable to compensate volunteers monetarily or in-kind in any manner for costs incurred or time spent.
  • If you are a refugee yourself, kindly contact your community centre directly to volunteer your time.
  • Upon request, Volunteers are provided an Attestation Letter that indicates the bearer is a volunteer with UNHCR.