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Scouts take refugee solidarity online during coronavirus crisis

The worldwide movement of Scouts has long supported UNHCR. Now that support is being renewed and deepened, even in the face of the COVID-19 crisis.

News and StoriesStories3 Apr 2020

Live blog: Refugees in the COVID-19 crisis

These are some of the ways that UNHCR staff, people forced to flee and supporters around the globe are taking action to stay smart, stay safe and stay kind.

News and StoriesStories3 Apr 2020

UNHCR expresses alarm over insecurity in Burkina Faso

Militant attacks force Malian refugees to leave camp and return home while coronavirus adds new element of insecurity to Sahel crisis

News and StoriesNews3 Apr 2020

Syrian refugees adapt to life under coronavirus lockdown in Jordan camps

While there have been no cases of COVID-19 so far, UNHCR is helping some 120,000 refugees living in region's largest camps do what they can to mitigate threat.

News and StoriesStories2 Apr 2020

Venezuelan doctor gives coronavirus tips to Ecuador's most vulnerable

Early in March, before COVID-19 was declared a pandemic, Samuel Suárez was already giving at-risk Ecuadorians in rural areas lifesaving tips to avoid infection.

News and StoriesStories1 Apr 2020

Q&A: Access to health services is key to halting COVID-19 and saving refugee lives

UNHCR's leading public health expert says prevention and inclusion must be at the heart of the response for displaced people, especially in areas with weak health services.

News and StoriesNews27 Mar 2020