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National Professional Officers are nationals of the country in which they are to serve and must have substantial knowledge of local conditions. Their recruitment should enhance the national capacity building and contribute to the quality of the nation’s professional workforce. They are recruited locally and are not subject to assignment to any duty station outside of the home country.

Vacancies in this category are simultaneously advertised internally and externally within the country of the duty station where the vacancy exists. Vacancy notices are to be shared with all UNHCR staff in the country. They also have to be issued in the local press, posted on national employment websites, and with all UN agencies, local missions and non-governmental organizations (NGOs) in the country. Contact one of the country offices to learn more about current opportunities. Browse the UNHCR country pages

Please note that National Professional Officer vacancies in Budapest, Lebanon, Turkey will also be advertised externally among our international vacancies.

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For the opportunity listed below, candidates should apply through International Vacancies and search with the job ID.

Current vacancies:

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