Activities in Malaysia

World Refugee Day is marked every year on June 20.

Created in 2000, the day is meant to shed light on the situation of refugees around the world.

In view of the COVID-19 pandemic, no physical events will be held to commemorate World Refugee Day 2021 in Malaysia. 

Instead, mark World Refugee Day by learning, sharing, and pledging support to refugees. Here is a selection of activities, stories, videos, and facts on refugees. Feel free to share ones that inspire you, with your network of family and friends. 

Interested to get involved? 

We appreciate everything that you do to ensure that people forced to flee are included in your work and your community. We would love to hear what you are up to for World Refugee Day, and for you to amplify our messages of inclusion! 

Here are a few ways for your do to so:

On social media, make sure to use the hashtags #WorldRefugeeDay and #WithRefugees.

Finding Home 

The refugee story is often a deeply personal one, difficult to understand. Behind the statistics and the politics of any refugee crisis, are individual human beings with real stories of pain and fear, but also of hope and strength. 

Finding Home allows people to walk a mile in a refugee’s shoes in order to understand what they go through every day in order to find safety.

This is the story of Kathijah, a 16-year old Rohingya refugee forced to flee to Malaysia with her brother Ishak in order to find safety. She has no legal status, no support, no security. Just this phone.

Now her fight for survival, is yours.

Experience an immersive journey today. Finding Home is available now on Android and iOS

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