Children's Claims

UNHCR has long recognized the specific protection needs of children in asylum procedures. Children might have independent claims to refugee status separate from those of their parents or other family members. They might experience certain child-specific forms of persecution that may give rise to a claim for refugee protection. In addition, children have inherent vulnerabilities that mandate additional safeguards as they move through the asylum process.

UNHCR has developed the following summary, which explains how to use international law and UNHCR guidance to leverage child asylum-claims in the U.S.

On February 7th, UNHCR, KIND and the Young Center co-hosted a webinar on "Representing Children from Central America: Leveraging International Law to Strengthen Gang Based Asylum Claims":

  • Recording available here.

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NTCA and Mexico Country Conditions Reports

Country conditions reports should be submitted with the asylum application. Such reports provide the adjudicator with background information about the human rights situation in the applicant's country of origin or last habitual residence. 

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