Core and contact groups

Core and Contact Groups are established through the agreement of resettlement States and UNHCR based on a joint assessment of the need for a coordinated, multi-annual approach to resettlement. There are currently six Core/Contact Groups chaired by resettlement countries and each is very beneficial in advancing refugees' resettlement needs.

In particular:

  • Core/Contact Groups have facilitated and improved information sharing initiatives, enhanced dialogue among stakeholders, and increased predictability to the planning of resettlement activities in relation to the specific refugee situation.
  • Core/Contact Groups have been instrumental in increasing the number of resettlement places offered and the number of countries involved.
  • Core/Contact Groups have sustained the involvement of the international community in specific resettlement operations over a period of time. When meeting at the field level, Core/Contact Groups have brought together actors directly engaged in a specific refugee situation, fostering common understanding of operational challenges with host governments and local actors.

To access information about each group via the links below, note: authorization is required.

As of September 2019, the Syrian Core Group and Central Mediterranean Core Group have been replaced by the Priority Situations Core Group.