Dutch Postcode Lottery

Key stats and figures

Over the last 13 years, the Dutch Postcode Lottery has supported UNHCR both through core funding and project-based grants. Although most of the funding from the Postcode Lottery has been to support our organization as a whole (about 60 per cent of the funds), the Lottery has also chosen to give additional support to key projects, such as:

  • Emergency response in Sierra Leone (2004)
  • Projects in Nepal (2005)
  • Emergency work in South Sudan (2007)
  • Solar light innovations in Chad (2008)
  • Large education projects in Dadaab, Kenya (2012)
  • Shelter projects in Lebanon (2014)
  • Family projects for Syrian refugees (2015)
  • Education projects in 12 countries for 225,000 children (2016)