The Global Refugee Forum provides an opportunity for States and other stakeholders to exchange and showcase good practices and experiences, both with respect to specific country or regional situations, as well as on a global level.

These good practices illustrate how comprehensive responses envisioned in the Global Compact on Refugees are already transforming the lives of refugees and host communities in many parts of the world. They are essential in inspiring the international community to develop innovative and impactful contributions that carry the momentum of the Global Compact forward.

Read a more detailed description of what could be considered a good practice in the context of the Global Compact on Refugees and the Global Refugee Forum.

Good practices may be shared by completing the template for good practices and sending it to [email protected]Please note that while the deadline for the submission of proposals for the spotlight sessions, the marketplace of good practices and the speakers’ corner has passed,  Member States and other stakeholders are encouraged to continue to submit their good practices until and beyond the Forum.