Nicaraguan professionals seek safety in Costa Rica

Doctors, lawyers and professors are among professionals forced to flee their Central American homeland for doing their jobs.

12 Sep 2019

Separated by conflict, Central African cousins long to learn together again

Gothier and Prince-Bonheur grew up together but conflict separated them. While Gothier was able to resume his studies, Prince remains in exile.

11 Sep 2019

In a trek to safety, Venezuelans take on mountain peaks on foot

Weakened by hunger, hundreds of Venezuelan refugees and migrants cross the high Andes each day in search of safety in Colombia and beyond.

5 Sep 2019

Young Rohingya refugees strive to keep dreams of an education alive

Most Rohingya children have no access to education at all, but are prepared to overcome almost any obstacle for any opportunity to learn.

4 Sep 2019

Friends give Syrian children a route off the streets and back into class

By offering basic literacy and numeracy courses, the Borderless Centre in Beirut is part of a nationwide drive to get refugee children out of work and into school.

2 Sep 2019

Top of his class and hungry for more, a young South Sudanese refugee battles the odds

On the run from the civil war, a boy named Gift is determined to continue his education. But his ingenuity, brilliance and determination may not be enough to keep him in school.

30 Aug 2019

Cash for shelter programme empowers refugees and their hosts in Kenya

Cash assistance in Kenya's Kalobeyei settlement allows refugees to build their own homes with materials bought from the local community.

27 Aug 2019

Helping families to thrive at the world's largest refugee settlement

Two years after Rohingya refugees fled to Bangladesh, strides are being made in enhancing nutrition, shelter, sanitation, healthcare and registration, though challenges remain.

23 Aug 2019

Hellish journey over for young woman rescued from the Mediterranean

An asylum-seeker allowed to disembark from the Open Arms rescue vessel on the Italian island of Lampedusa recalls the horror of her journey.

23 Aug 2019