UNHCR Goodwill Ambassador Praya Lundberg visits refugees in Thailand
© UNHCR/Thanasade Tantiwarodom

About Praya

Actress and model Praya Lundberg has been supporting UNHCR since 2014, and was appointed UNHCR’s first Goodwill Ambassador in Thailand on 31 January 2017 in recognition of her commitment to helping displaced people worldwide.

Whether through raising public awareness of refugee needs or helping people in Thailand better understand UNHCR’s work, Praya has shown tireless dedication to our cause. She has travelled to camps in Jordan and Thailand to witness UNHCR’s frontline work, and meetings with refugees have helped Praya to better understand - and amplify - their cause.

In addition to securing widespread coverage through traditional and social media, Praya has leant her support to various UNHCR campaigns, including World Refugee Day and Nobody Left Outside. For World Refugee Day 2017 Praya collaborated with UNHCR Thailand and photographer Kit Bencharongkul to launch Love is Boundless, a unique exhibition featuring photographs and stories of refugees from Thailand and Jordan.

Praya is a supporter of UNHCR’s global #WithRefugees campaign, and appeared in our campaign film alongside 60 other high profile supporters, refugees and UNHCR staff. Together with other UNHCR Goodwill Ambassadors Praya also took part in our Facebook Live World Tour #WithRefugees to encourage supporters to sign the campaign petition ahead of its hand in at the historic Summit on Refugees and Migrants at the UN General Assembly in September 2016.

Recent support and field trips

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