UNHCR seeks US$59.6 million for 100,000 displaced by violence in Cameroon's Far North region

21 Jan 2022

Governments pledge over US$1 billion to support UN Refugee Agency's work for 2022

7 Dec 2021

Global photo project shows power of football during displacement

As the European football championships kick off, Goal Click Refugees campaign reveals how the sport promotes integration as seen through the eyes of forcibly displaced people.

11 Jun 2021

The Kenyan powerhouse improving women's lives in Australia

Refugee Rosemary Kariuki has been recognized as Australia's 2021 'Local Hero' for her work helping other displaced women overcome isolation and gender violence.

8 Mar 2021

UNHCR and partners urgently seek US$156 million to support refugees fleeing Ethiopia's Tigray crisis

22 Dec 2020

Forced back home by the pandemic, Venezuelan grandmother sees no choice but to flee once again

With lockdown making it all but impossible for many Venezuelan refugees and migrants to meet their basic needs, thousands have headed home – only to have to flee again.

10 Dec 2020

UN issues US$6.7 billion appeal to protect millions of lives and stem the spread of coronavirus in fragile countries

7 May 2020

UNHCR seeks US$255 million to respond to COVID-19 outbreak

Funding is part of wider UN appeal for US$2 billion to safeguard 'millions of people who are least able to protect themselves' from the new coronavirus.

25 Mar 2020

New shelter eases monsoon threat for young Rohingya family

After fleeing for their lives to the world's largest refugee settlement, young parents lived in fear of heavy rains and landslides before move to new home on stilts.

3 Mar 2020