Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises

Business development service

Through our partners, we support refugees with entrepreneurial training, equipping them with essential skills such as business plan development, money management, pricing and marketing.  In addition, we link them to local business development service providers who can further support their business activities.  

Start-up grants 

Start-up capital is critical for refugees who establish enterprises. Start-up grants are provided where access to loans and other financial services is limited.  The grant may be in the form of a productive asset or, where possible, is given in cash. Grants are provided based on the viability of the business plan the refugees have developed.  

Financial inclusion 

Access to affordable credit services is essential to refugees to start, build and expand enterprises, as well as to meet their household needs and be more resilient to emergencies. In addition, access to other type of financial services such as savings, payments and insurance –  although not directly related to business development – is key to ensure the inclusion of refugees in the formal financial sector and promote their self-reliance and resilience.

We work with Financial Service Providers (FSPs), particularly microfinance institutions and banks, as well as with a number of specialized development agencies and impact investors, to promote and facilitate access to a range of financial services for refugees.