Flüchtlinge Schutzen video collection

A series of short films on refugees, asylum and migration and on the work of UNHCR.


Materials available

Manhattan menschenleer (Manhattan without people) is a short clip showing what the New York borough of New York would look like when emptied of its 1.5 million residents. Viewers are then led to think about the 1.5 million Syrian children that had to flee because of the war in Syria and what this means in terms of displacement.  

UNHCR - Unsere Geschichte 1951 - 2013  (UNHCR - Our story 1951 - 2013) is a five minute video on the history and current activities of the UNHCR, the United Nations Refugee Agency.

Neue Hoffnung in Kiel (New hope in Kiel) is a short video on young Syrian refugee Abdullah, who came to the north of Germany through a resettlement programme. Abdullah suffers from a rare medical condition affecting his blood. Thanks to the resettlement programme he was able to come to Germany where he now receives adequate medical care. 

Angekommen - We have arrived is a 20 minute video with English subtitles, showing a number of portraits of young refugees living in German, the result of a participatory video project by UNHCR Germany and UMF, an association of German NGOs caring for unaccompanied child refugees.

Not am Horn von Afrika is a video about a German humanitarian worker visiting the Dollo Ado refugee camp in Ethiopia. 

Projektbesuch Spandau is a short video about actor Benno Fürmann visiting a reception centre for asylum-seekers in Spandau, Germany. 

Karlinchen is a seven minute German speaking animation film for young children about refugee girl Karlinchen.

Kriseneinsätze von UNHCR is a 25 minute bundle of German speaking films about UNHCR's activities in emergency areas.

Abdus Geschichte: Der Klang von Frieden (Abdu's story: the sound of peace) is a short film about the young Syrian boy Abdu who fled with his father to Germany, where he received medical treatment and can hear again now (also available in English).

Gesichter der Flucht is a series of three German speaking video portraits of young refugees living in Austria, for education sessions aimed at pupils age 14 and over. 

Age groups

The DVD contains materials for all age groups.


All films are spoken or subtitled in German. The video Angekommen is subtitled in English. 

How to order

The DVD can be ordered using the form on the website of UNHCR Germany All films are available on Youtube and can be accessed via the playlist on UNHCR Germany's website.