Lesson plans for ages 12-14 in Civic Education: Refugee teenagers


The responsibilities of looking after her family now fall upon this refugee teenager whose parents were killed in the civil war in Liberia.  © UNHCR/F.Fontanini

LESSON 4: Being Mum or Dad when they are gone


Have ready copies of Joseph's story [PDF] and Manyua's story [PDF].


After discussion about the homework assignment which required the students to list the type of difficulties and dangers that refugee teenagers have to face when separated from their primary caregivers, ask the students to think about the scenario of a refugee teenager who has to look after his or her family because of the incapacitation or death of one or both parents.

Hand out the copies of Joseph's and Manyua's stories and give the students class time to read them. Ask the students how they think they would react and cope if they found themselves in a similar position to either Manyua or Joseph.