Global Shelter Coalition

2 years of impact

Over the last two years, the campaign has delivered shelter solutions to more than 1.3 million people forced to flee.

Global Shelter Coalition

Friends of the Global Shelter Coalition

At UNHCR, the UN Refugee Agency, we strongly believe that by joining forces we can achieve a much greater impact. As a friend of the Coalition, you will help us provide faster and more effective shelter solutions to people forced to flee and further advance the implementation of Refugee Housing Units in refugee camps.

By becoming a Friend of the Coalition, you will:

  • Advance your civic purpose and philanthropy in meaningful ways.
  • Increase your impact. You will help fast-track the deployment of Refugee Housing Units as a safe and dignified housing solution to those in greatest need.
  • Connect globally, by joining a network of entrepreneurs and business leaders from across the world.
  • Contribute to advance the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

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Global Shelter Coalition

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Contact our Global Shelter Desk at [email protected] and learn more about how to become a Friend of the Coalition for 'Nobody Left Outside'.

Support Refugee Housing Units

Provide dignified housing to families who have left everything behind.

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Help us provide shelter to families forced to flee

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UNHCR will celebrate your support

As a Friend of the Global Shelter Coalition you will become part of a global cause, supporting millions of vulnerable people that have been forced to flee their homes.

Friend of the Global Shelter Coalition receive:

  • Special invitations to participate in private events to gain a deeper understanding of the current refugee crisis, and be a positive voice for transformative change.
  • Access to private updates from shelter experts in the field and connect with other entrepreneurs and business leaders.
  • Recognition in UNHCR’s Nobody Left Outside global website.
  • Newsletters with impact figures and mission reports.

With 85% of staff working in the field, UNHCR is committed to ensuring that Nobody Left Outside resources are deployed for maximum impact. Friends of the Coalition are kept informed of the campaign’s progress and impact on a regular basis and through different channels including the Coalition website and specific Coalition impact reports.