UNHCR Greece Calls for Expression of Interest for Accommodation Partners


UNHCR in Greece implements its programme through operational and implementing partnerships with Government, local and international organizations. As of 2014, and in line with the new UNHCR Policy on Partnerships, UNHCR identifies its implementing partners through Calls for Expression of Interest.

The purpose of this Call for Expression of Interest is for UNHCR to solicit the interest from prospective or existing national partners (Non-Government entities, NGOs) that wish to participate in a UNHCR led operation and contribute complementary resources (human resources, knowledge funds, in-kind, and/or equipment) for achieving common and agreed objectives by undertaking a Project Partnership Agreement.

Concept notes can be submitted for one or multiple project locations.

UNHCR reserves the right to accept a proposal in whole or in part. Conclusion of a PPA with UNHCR is subject to availability of funds. The selection of a partner through this Call for Expression of Interest does not constitute an obligation for UNHCR to conclude a PPA with the selected partner.

In order to submit their Concept Notes, interested organizations are required to register on the UNHCR’s Partner Portal, at https://partner.unhcr.org/, which is also a pre-requisite for conclusion of a PPA with UNHCR.

Concept Notes/Budget Plans should be submitted through the UNHCR Partner Portal at https://partner.unhcr.org/ by the submission deadline indicated in this Call. Only submissions through UNHCR Partner Portal will be accepted for review. No submissions to UNHCR individual e-mail addresses will be accepted.


Legal status in Greece is a requirement for all applicant organizations as follows:

–  Legal registration in Greece as a National NGO;

–  Authority to operate a bank account in Greece.


IMPORTANT NOTE: Existing accommodation partners (i.e. signatories to ongoing PPAs for the Accommodation Scheme) ARE NOT REQUIRED TO apply.



Call for Expression of Interest

Answers to Queries on the Call for Expression of Interest (CEI) for Accommodation – CEIGRE20180002