Greening the Global Refugee Forum

Global Refugee Forum carbon footprint from air travel

GRF carbon emissions

What is UNHCR doing?

Green venue logoGreen venue

The Palais des Nations facilities are carbon-neutral. The consumption of paper, electricity, water and fuel has been reduced by introducing electronic processing in servicing and the PaperSmart business model in conference management. Over 3200 sq. meters of solar panels have been installed on the roof of the Palais, which has also switched to natural gas for heating and lake water for cooling the buildings.

Responsible suppliers logoResponsible suppliers

All GRF suppliers and partners have a recognized sustainable certification or have sustainable policies in place.

Waste reduction logoWaste reduction

  • Most of the equipment (stand or booth, decorations) are rented and will be returned or reused where possible.
  • Recycling stations will be placed in the vicinity of all GRF meeting rooms.
  • To minimize the use of single use plastic, we will provide free-of-charge water dispensers at the Palais. Bring your own reusable water bottle. Tap water is safe for drinking in Switzerland.

Sustainable catering logoSustainable Catering

The GRF caterer is ISO 14001 certified. The caterer is providing plastic-free catering, and is providing jugs of waters for meetings, paper cups, or glass bottles.

Reducing Paper logoReducing Paper

The GRF website and event app will be populated with electronic versions of the agenda and instructions, Forum materials, and supporting documents, reducing the need for paper print-outs. Spotlight Sessions and other features of the GRF are encouraged to reduce paper to the minimum in favour of electronic options, and to use sustainable materials in any displays.

Offset logoOff-Setting Emissions

Flights of participants will be off-set by UNHCR through the purchase of Certified Emission Reduction Units. 

What can you do to help?

Going green needs your participation. Please help us by:

Hotel logoHotel

Consider a hotel with an environmentally-responsible policy, from where you can access the Palais des Nations through public transport or by walking. Please avoid travelling from the hotel to the Palais by taxi or by car.

Transport logoTransport

Geneva offers a good public transportation network. Travellers who land in Geneva can pick up a free ticket from the machine in the baggage claim area (Arrivals). This Unireso ticket allows the use of public transport in Geneva for 80 minutes, including the journey by train to Geneva centre (Genève Aeroport to Genève-Cornavin). More information on transports in Geneva

Paper logoReusables

Bring a reusable water bottle or travel mug to the venue, there will be free-of-charge water dispensers at the event. Some reusable bottles can be bought at the Centre d'Accueil de la Genève Internationale (CAGI) or in the Palais shops.

Recycling logoRecycling

Recycle your waste at the various recycle bins in the Palais, or at numerous locations in Geneva. Please note that in Switzerland only PET plastic is recycled, other types of plastic should be placed into the ‘Mixed-waste’ bin. Other types of waste that can be recycled include: Aluminum/ tin can; Glass and Paper/cardboard.

Smoking logoSmoking

Smoking in the Palais des Nations is only allowed in smoking shelters. Please use the ashtrays!