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The HEA invests in rigorous research to build the evidence base on what does and does not work in humanitarian education and how to bring what does work to scale.

Research publications:

Policy Brief: Government Engagement for Scaling Humanitarian Education Innovations

This policy brief brings together evidence from the Humanitarian Education Accelerator (HEA) and learnings from HEA grantees on government engagement for scaling humanitarian education innovations.

Policy Brief: Conducting Rigorous Research in Humanitarian Contexts

This policy brief brings together learnings from the Humanitarian Education Accelerator (HEA) External Evaluation Firm, American Institutes for Research (AIR), on the challenges and potential solutions for conducting rigorous research in humanitarian and crisis settings.

Tools & Case Studies

The HEA works together with its cohorts, experts and partners to identify and develop relevant tools and case studies that will inform and support the wider education sector.

Education Scaling Alignment Wheel

A tool developed by HEA mentor, Ian Gray, for assessing the alignment of education innovations to national education systems.