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The importance of being registered

The indigenous Ngöbe Bugle people live a cross border life in their ancestral territories straddling Costa Rica and Panama. This traditional lifestyle contributed to a risk of becoming stateless…

“I will now be able to go to school!”

A UNHCR program in Benin has given over 1000 birth certificates to children providing the opportunity to go to school and access basic social services for the first time.

IPU Conference

MPs from 39 countries met recently in South Africa to discuss how they can work together to end statelessness.

Costa Rica says #IBelong

President of Costa Rica and his cabinet sign the #IBelong Campaign Open Letter to End Statelessness.

What songs make you say #IBelong?

What songs make you say #IBelong? Our supporters Cate Blanchett and Andrew Upton are releasing a radio show with a playlist of songs for the Campaign to End Statelessness.