Leal was born in Lebanon but is stateless. Her grandfather was Lebanese but did not register the birth of Leal’s father. As Leal’s father was not registered, he in turn could not register the birth of Leal and her six siblings.

Today, she is married to a Lebanese man but since she doesn’t have any nationality documents, the marriage could not be registered. Without a marriage certificate she could not register the birth of her children. They too are stateless.

“To be stateless is like you don’t exist, you simply don’t exist. You live in a parallel world with no proof of your identity” – Leal

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#IBELONG to a world where everyone has the right to a nationality. We need ten million signatures to change ten million lives. Please sign & share our open letter to end statelessness in ten years.

9 year old Rama thinks being stateless is unfair

All mothers want the best for their children, especially Amal from Lebanon. She got married to a stateless man and got two children, both stateless. Her daughter, Rama, thinks this is not fair. Watch this video and find out why.

Statelessness around the world

At least 10 million people in the world today are stateless. They are told that they don’t belong anywhere. They are denied a nationality. And without one, they are denied their basic rights.

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