Inclu Acto role playing games

A role playing game putting players through the experience of a refugee.

Materials available

The Inclu Acto package contains character sheets, situation sheets and a users’ guide with background information and game instructions.

Age groups

The video and lesson plan are suitable for children aged 15 – 18.. 


The role playing game materials are available in French.

How to order

The Inclu Acto package costs 10 euro and can be ordered via the form on Caritas Belgium’s website.

The package is also part of the “Malette Pédagogique”, a larger educational materials box containing educational materials about refugees, asylum and migration by Belgian NGOs and French speaking government agencies.

The box was put together and is distributed by Belgian NGO CNCD – 11.11.11 and can be ordered for 25 euro on CNCD’s website.