Anicet Adjahossou
Engineer/Physical Planning & Shelter Officer
Duty Station: Dollo Ado, Ethiopia

“I have a passionate interest in shelter and camp design. I have been working on an innovative approach in refugee settlement which will better promote protection of refugees, community interaction and social capital. The innovative idea is reflected in camp layout and shelter model which considers innovations in its design and structure (materials)”

Anicet is passionate about urban planning in camps as a means of fostering interaction among residents. He is working on a master site plan, applying new ideas to refugee camp planning, including rethinking the design of a camp’s layout and shelter communities, and sharing refugee services.

Project: Master Site Planning in Dollo Ado, Ethopia

The master site planning approach brings new ideas to the current design of refugee camps – including rethinking how to design the camp layout, shelter communities, and sharing host community and refugee services. Throughout his Fellowship, Anicet will test different parts of camp design, from locations of services to alternative shelter units, and then will take the feedback to create a master site planning proposal to present at headquarters for wider use.