Working with UNHCR in Italy

Sections composing the UNHCR Office in Rome:

  • Admin/Finance/Programme/HR
    Management of human and financial resources; planning, implementation and monitoring of project activities; IT and logistics administration. All activities are aimed at ensuring compliance with rules and procedures pertaining to both UNHCR and the UN system at large.
  • Public Information/Communication
    External relations with media, social networks, press releases, information campaigns for awareness-raising awareness on asylum and refugees issues.
  • Protection/Legal
    Collaboration with the Italian Authorities to promote the respect of the international standards in the Asylum procedure and in the Refugee Law. Monitoring the application of the 1951 Refugee Convention in Italy. Assistance with individual cases when they raise important issues of principle which set standards for the wider protection of refugees.
  • PSP
    Private Sector Partnership Service (PSP), fundraising activities related to Individual Donors, Corporate, Foundations and Legacies.