Coronavirus (COVID-19) update

Information for Refugees and Asylum-Seekers regarding Coronavirus

The Government of Kenya has announced various measures to prevent the further spread of Coronavirus.  UNHCR has therefore implemented precautionary measures to prevent any further spread of the virus and in order to protect refugees, asylum-seekers and other persons of concern from becoming infected with the virus. These are in line with the directives of the Government of Kenya and include:

  • Services at UNHCR: No reception, interviews or counselling will take place at UNHCR offices.
  • Voluntary repatriation: All movements of persons of concern wishing to return to their countries have been suspended.
  • Resettlement: All movements of refugees departing to resettlement countries have been suspended.
  • Movements between Kakuma, Dadaab and Nairobi: Refugee Affairs Secretariat has suspended the issuance of movement passes. Hence, no movements take place between Kakuma, Dadaab and Nairobi until further notice.

You will be informed once services will be resumed.

Notice to all refugees and asylum-seekers living in Urban area in light of coronavirus (Covid-19)

10 July 2020

9 June 2020

19 May 2020

27 April 2020

22 April 2020

07 April 2020

26 March 2020

25 March 2020

Stateless persons in-light of Corona virus (COVID-19)


Reporting illness

If you feel unwell, have a cold or a cough or fever, please call 719  or text *719#  which is a toll-free number provided by the Government of Kenya. You can also call the following County Hotline numbers:

  • Nairobi             0800721316 (tollfree) / 0732353535
  • Garissa           0111207207 / 0110040836 / 011040708
  • Turkana           0758722023

Contact information  

If you need to contact UNHCR, please call the Helpline by phone: 0800 720063 (tollfree) or email: [email protected] We would also like to remind you of alternative hotlines available in specific situations:

  • National GBV (Gender-Based Violence) hotline: 1195
  • Kenya police emergency hotline: 999/112
  • MSF sexual violence hotline (Doctors without borders): 0711400506
  • LVCT Health (Liverpool voluntary counselling and treatment for HiV): 0800720121

Curfew update for refugees in urban areas

Curfew update for refugees in Kakuma

Curfew update for refugees in Dadaab