Ger Duany

Born in the town of Akobo in what is now South Sudan, he was caught up in Sudan’s north-south civil war. He became separated from his family and was forcefully recruited as a child soldier, like thousands of other boys during the 1983-2005 conflict.

Ger Duany is now successful actor and model based in the United States

“As a UNHCR  High Profile Supporter I have elected to focus on the areas of Youth and Education. Up to 90% of refugees in any settlement tend to be women and children. Behind the staggering statistics are vulnerable children who have been exposed to abhorrent forms of violence. Women bear an inordinate burden of displacement as the main caregivers of the young, the elderly and infirm. Believe me, I’ve been there and I know.” 

As one of thousands of former Sudanese ‘lost boys’ and someone who was helped directly by UNHCR, he is well-qualified to raise awareness and understanding about the challenges facing millions of forcibly displaced people around the world.