LGBTI Claims

The persecution of people because of their sexual orientation and gender identity is not a new phenomenon. It is only in more recent years that a growing number of asylum claims have been made by lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and intersex (LGBTI) individuals. This has necessitated greater awareness among decision-makers of the specific experiences of LGBTI asylum-seekers and a deeper examination of the legal questions involved.

UNHCR has issued several interpretive instruments recognizing the specific protection needs of LGBTI individuals. The following summary details UNHCR’s views in regards to the analysis of LGBTI claims and particular issues which may arise under such claims. This summary provides guidance on how to use UNHCR’s views and international law to assist asylum-seekers in the United States.

On April 20th, UNHCR and Texas A&M University School of Law co-hosted a training on "Representing LGBTI Asylum-Seekers: Leveraging International Law to Strengthen Asylum Claims."

  • Recording available here.

UNHCR’s Resources

NTCA and Mexico Country Conditions Reports

Country conditions reports should be submitted with the asylum application. Such reports provide the adjudicator with background information about the human rights situation in the applicant’s country of origin or last habitual residence. 

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