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UNHCR Holds 2nd Judicial Engagement Workshop for Members of the Judiciary in Malaysia


UNHCR Holds 2nd Judicial Engagement Workshop for Members of the Judiciary in Malaysia

Briefing of UNHCR processes

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UNHCR Representation in Malaysia

Volunteer at UNHCR Malaysia

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UNHCR Fact Check

Donate in Malaysia

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UNHCR World Refugee Day


UNHCR helps to save lives and build better futures for the millions of people forced to flee their homes.

UNHCR, the UN Refugee Agency works to ensure that everybody has the right to seek asylum and find safe refuge, having fled violence, persecution, war or disaster at home.

Since 1950, we have faced multiple crises on multiple continents, and provided vital assistance to refugees, asylum-seekers, internally displaced and stateless people, many of whom have nobody left to turn to.

We help to save lives and build better futures for millions forced from home.

UNHCR Representation in Malaysia
UNHCR cooperates with its Government and civil society partners in humanitarian support for refugees including in education, healthcare and community support.
Fact Check Malaysia
Refugee Fact Check
UNHCR is committed to helping the public understand the facts about refugees, and addressing confusing viral misinformation that may be distorted or have no basis in fact.
Refugee children belong in schools
World Refugee Day 2023
It falls each year on 20 June and celebrates the strength and courage of people who have been forced to flee their home country to escape war, conflict or persecution.
Families facing their destroyed houses while receiving tents and other emergency support from UNHCR Afghanistan after the recent earthquake

Herat earthquake, Afghanistan.

Key facts and figures

89.3 million people worldwide were forcibly displaced

at the end of 2021 as a result of persecution, conflict, violence, human rights violations or events seriously disturbing public order.

83% are hosted in low- and middle-income countries

Low- and middle-income countries hosted 83 per cent of the world’s refugees and Venezuelans displaced abroad.*

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Global Trends 2022 report cover, featuring a photo of a group of displaced people walking along a dirt road.

UNHCR Annual Global Trends Report


UNHCR annual Global Trends report 2022

UNHCR's Global Trends report presents key statistical trends and the latest official statistics on refugees, asylum-seekers, internally displaced and stateless persons. 

Ongoing and new conflicts have driven displacement across the world in 2022, seeing the largest ever increase between years according to UNHCR’s statistics on forced displacement. 

With over 108.4 million people forcibly displaced by the end of 2022, the international community must work together to support and show solidarity with people forced to flee.  

View the Global Trends report


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