UNHCR High Profile Supporter, Neil Gaiman with Ayman, Syrian refugee volunteer nurse who provides medical assistance to the camp community.
© UNHCR/Jordi Matas

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“In amongst the horror and the nightmares, there are many small and glorious stories of survival and hope, resilience and dignity. If you could have the conversations that we had, if only you could sit and speak to refugees, face to face, you would see that we really are the same, that we really are part of one family. And, at its best, a family does all it can to support each other.”

About Neil

Internationally acclaimed British writer Neil Gaiman has been supporting UNHCR, the UN Refugee Agency since 2013 and was announced as a global Goodwill Ambassador in February 2017.

Neil has initiated and supported fundraising initiatives for UNHCR and has supported key UNHCR events and campaigns including #WithRefugeesWorld Refugee Day, the iBelong campaign to end statelessness, the Nansen Refugee Award and has appeared in several films including ‘What They Took With Them’‘Words Matter’  and ‘We Stand With #WithRefugees’ and Everyone Counts

Neil has written extensively on the refugees issue – in articles, stories and in 2019 created a poem inspired by words shared by his twitter followers on the subject of warmth in order to support our Winter Emergency Appeal.

Neil has travelled to Jordan with UNHCR to build support, empathy and understanding of the Syrian refugee crisis. He has highlighted the work of UNHCR through extensive media interviews and through his social media channels. He is a fierce advocate for refugees, often writing and speaking about his experience in the field with UNHCR and sharing stories about the refugee links in his own family.

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