Northern Europe shares its good experiences

As inspiration for the international community, countries and stakeholders are showcasing good practices at the Global Refugee Forum.

The Syrian family Farid was resettled to Torsby, Sweden since 2014. UNHCR / J. Bävman

The historic Global Refugee Forum in Geneva provides an opportunity for States, NGOs and other stakeholders to exchange and showcase their good practices and experiences in refugee response – be it on a national, regional or global level. These good practices illustrate how comprehensive approaches are already working and transforming the lives of refugees and host communities in many parts of the world, and they can thus inspire to develop more innovative and impactful contributions.

Find here an overview of good practices coming from the Northern Europe region – this page will continuously be updated as more good practices are shared.


?? Disabled Refugees Welcome

Disabled Refugees Welcome is a Swedish NGO working for the rights of disabled refugees.

?? Sweden's Priority Global Quota for Resettlement

Sweden reserves a number of un-earmarked resettlement spaces for UNHCR’s Priority Global Quota.

?? Code+Create by Finn Church Aid

Project by Finnish Church Aid equipped vulnerable local and refugee youth in Greece with computer skills.

?? Improving mental health services for refugees in Finland

The project is creating the model for refugees’ mental health work in Finland.