Sweden’s Priority Global Quota for Resettlement

A good practice from Sweden.

For many years, Sweden – through the Swedish Migration Agency – has devoted a part of its national refugee resettlement programme to UNHCR’s Priority Global Quota with a number of un-earmarked places. 

UNHCR’s Priority Global Quota offers places for resettlement for refugees most in need of resettlement worldwide. It focuses on emergency and urgent cases, but can also accommodate specific cases that occur outside the focus of the programme. Due to a general global trend of unequitable distribution of resettlement quotas across different regions, UNHCR observes a greater need for more flexible and diverse resettlement quotas. 

In 2019, Sweden reserved 600 of its total of 5000 national resettlement places to the Priority Global Quota. In addition, processing time for cases in the Priority Quota is accelerated. In some cases people can be resettled within weeks, or even days. Sweden’s Priority Global Quota and continued commitment to provide timely solutions for those refugees who are at heightened risk worldwide is a truly lifesaving engagement. The Priority Global Quota continues to be a highly effective protection tool at UNHCR’s disposal, allowing to provide urgent protection and solutions for refugees in particularly precarious situations, including refugees with urgent protection needs and women and children at risk.

Resettlement is an invaluable tool for providing durable solutions for refugees. For this reason, Sweden’s Priority Global Quota has officially been recognized as a good practice at the Global Refugee Forum.