Art exhibition with children’s drawings show universal importance of family

What does family mean to you? UNHCR asked refugee children in countries such as Libya, Mozambique and Ethiopia to draw their answers, and so did children in Norway. The results will be on display at Deichman Bjørvika in Oslo in November.

Family is family. No matter who you are and where you are born.

But every day, war, conflict and persecution are forcing people from their homes – and tearing families apart.

Today, almost 80 million people are forcibly displaced across the world, and almost half of them are children. This means that many refugee children grow up in uncertainty, separated from their loved ones and deprived the security of family. For years, decades, perhaps even generations.

UNHCRs Representation for the Nordic and Baltic countries is now launching an art exhibition with children’s drawings in the Norwegian capital Oslo. The objective is to create awareness about this global challenge, to emphasize the universal importance of family – as seen through the eyes of children – and to highlight how family reunification can restore family unity.

The exhibition is created in close cooperation with Oslo’s main library Deichman Bjørvika, who has generously agreed to host it, and CASE Art Fund. The exhibition will open on 20 November on World Children’s Day.

From 20-28 November, numerous drawings about family and family life – created by refugee children in Libya, Ethiopia, Mozambique and Romania and children in Norway – will be on display at the library.

UNHCR invites everybody to join us at the exhibition to take a look at the colorful, imaginative and powerful drawings from the children, transcending nationalities and backgrounds to underline the love and dependency of family, shared by all children.

Families Together – the importance of family seen through the eyes of children
Friday 20 November – Saturday 28 November
Deichman Bjørvika
Anne-Cath. Vestlys plass 1, 0150 Oslo
Opening hours: Monday-Friday 8.00-22.00, Saturday-Sunday 10.00-18.00