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Denmark as a Donor

Denmark is UNHCR’s sixth largest government donor and one of the strongest supporters of UNHCR’s protection mandate.

Contributions to UNHCR

In 2017, Denmark affirmed its key partnership with UNHCR by signing a new 5-year Humanitarian Partnership Agreement. The agreement includes commitment to continued unearmarked and flexible financial support that protects vulnerable refugees and displaced communities, including support to innovative solutions.

Denmark has long ranked among UNHCR’s top-10 donors, and was UNHCR’s fourth largest donor in relation to the population size of the country in 2017, with a total contribution of USD 58.4 million in support. In all, close to 40 per cent of Denmark’s total funding to UNHCR was allocated as flexible and unrestricted support. Annually providing UNHCR with an unearmarked core contribution (DKK 160 million), the country was ranked as UNHCR’s sixth largest donor of unrestricted funds in 2017, totalling USD 22.8 million. This unrestricted funding is crucial because it can be re-allocated to several emergencies throughout the year, depending on where the underfunding is most sever and the humanitarian need greatest. Read more about the importance of Denmark’s unearmarked funding.

In addition, Denmark contributes with a yearly flexible thematic contribution of USD 18 million (DKK 110 million) towards strategic solutions-oriented initiatives that promote innovation, self-reliance and other durable solutions, which in 2017 targeted the Afghanistan and Mano River situations, and Uganda.

Furthermore, Denmark contributes with an emergency fund of DKK 50.5 million (USD 7.20 million) at the start of every year, that UNHCR can allocate freely. In 2017, Denmark contributed through its emergency fund to Burundi, Iraq, Tanzania and Venezuela, Democratic Republic of the Congo, South Sudan and Rohinghya emergencies. Denmark also supported through its earmarked funding UNHCR operations in the Central Mediterranean, Nigeria, Mali, Central African Republic, the North of Central America and Syria. Denmark is additionally offering in-kind UNHCR office space in the UN-City in Copenhagen.

Denmark’s thematic foci: Solutions and Innovation


“We are physically in exile, but our brains are not”

After being forced to flee his home country and loosing family members, returning to university gave Nixon Raphael back his hope for the future. He has received a scholarship with support from UNHCR and contributions from Denmark.

Donor Government Counterparts

The Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs is UNHCR´s Government counterpart on matters related to strategic cooperation and funding.

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More on our partnership with Denmark

Danida is the term used for Denmark’s development cooperation, which is an area of activity under the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Denmark.

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