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Denmark as a Donor

Danish Contributions to UNHCR  

In 2017, Denmark signed a five-year agreement with UNHCR, committing to continue providing flexible funding and providing support to innovative solutions. 

Denmark has consistently been a top donor to UNHCR. In 2019, it was the 8th biggest donor and the 4th largest donor per capita. In 2018, it was the 8th biggest donor and 3rd per capita.  

Key facts about Denmark as a UNHCR donor 

  • During the Global Refugee Forum, Denmark pledged DKK 50 million per year in 2020 and 2021 for UNHCR’s development of innovative solutions. 
  • Denmark contributes DKK 50.5 million (around USD 7.5 million) to UNHCR’s Emergency Reserve Fund at the start of every year. 
  • Denmark contributed over 24 million USD in unearmarked funding in 2019 and a total of USD 91.6 million to UNHCR. It was a top 10 donor. 
  • Denmark’s top recipients in 2019 were: South-Sudan situation, Syria situation, Myanmar situation and the Afghan situation.  
  • Denmark’s thematic foci: Solutions and Innovation 

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Denmark's contributions to UNHCR by situation in 2019.

Visit our reporting pages to see more contribution data from Denmark. 

Opening doors to higher education

Denmark supports refugee education

Danish Contribution Stories

Danish funding helps UNHCR respond to new influx of refugees into Uganda

Danish funding helps UNHCR respond to new influx of refugees into Uganda

New waves of violence in the Democratic Republic of the Congo are forcing thousands from their homes – many are seeking safety in neighboring Uganda, already hosting 1.4 M refugees. Contributions from Denmark has enabled UNHCR to strengthen the protection for the displaced in both countries. For almost one month, […]

“We are physically in exile, but our brains are not”

“We are physically in exile, but our brains are not”

After being forced to flee his home country and loosing family members, returning to university gave Nixon Raphael back his hope for the future. He has received a scholarship with support from UNHCR and contributions from Denmark.