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Estonian Contributions to UNHCR 

Estonia is a reliable donor to UNHCR and has provided donations since 2008. In recent years, Estonia has significantly increased its unearmarked funding, helping UNHCR reach refugees across the globe. Estonia’s allocations to UNHCR also have been earmarked for many of the world’s most conflict ridden countries and the most desperate humanitarian situations, including Myanmar, Syria, and Ukraine.


Key facts about Estonia as a donor: 

  • In 2019, Estonia provided USD 477,547 to UNHCR, making it the 31st biggest donor per capita.  
  • Estonia provided important funding to the situations in Myanmar and Syria
  • At the Global Refugee Forum, Estonia pledged to increase its support to UNHCR on digital identification.
  • Estonian funding continues to strengthen operations in Ukraine to make sure the country’s vulnerable internally displaced population get the assistance they need.

Estonia's contributions to UNHCR by situation in 2019.

Visit our reporting pages to see more contribution data from Estonia.

Estonian Contribution Stories

Estonia donates half a million euros to UNHCR’s emergency operations

Estonia donates half a million euros to UNHCR’s emergency operations

As 2016 draws to a close, the world is witnessing a record high level of forced displacement, with over 65 million people on the move. While new refugee crises are erupting, unresolved and protracted refugee situations worldwide shows no signs of being resolved in the nearest future. The challenges faced by UNHCR in attempting to respond to multiple life-threatening crises and ever-growing humanitarian needs are rapidly expanding.