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Icelandic Contributions to UNHCR 

Iceland is a reliable donor and partner to UNHCR. In 2019, Iceland was the 16th biggest donor per capita.  

Key facts about Iceland as a donor: 

  • In 2019, Iceland provided UNHCR USD 409,000 in unearmarked funding. This was 47% of their total contribution.  
  • Iceland provided key funding in 2019 to the Venezuela and Syria situation 
  • Iceland pledged an additional USD 205,000 to UNHCR’s Global Appeal 2020 at the Global Refugee Forum 

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Iceland's contributions to UNHCR by situation in 2019.

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Icelandic Contribution Stories



Iceland generously funds UNHCR with USD 2.4 million.

Iceland generously funds UNHCR with USD 2.4 million.

Iceland has increased its support to UNHCR’s response to the Syria crisis considerably, showing great solidarity with refugees and internally displaced people. The USD 2.4 million contribution is the highest ever to UNHCR by Iceland.