A Summer Camp Experience for All

Text by Farhasaad Shahid
Photos by Annela Samuel

24 August 2020

A Summer Camp Experience for All

Text by Farhasaad Shahid
Photos by Annela Samuel

24 April 2020

The Estonian Refugee Council’s annual summer camp allows refugee and migrant children to experience Estonian summer camps just like any other Estonian child.

Last week, the Estonian Refugee Council organised their children’s summer camp at Topu Holiday House for the third year in a row. With the support from the Estonian Ministry of Education and Research, children with refugee and migrant backgrounds along with other local children, spent three days of non-stop activity with camp counsellors Mariel, Annela and Jameela in the beautiful Estonian nature.  

UNHCR Representation for Northern Europe supports refugee integration efforts in Estonia in different ways, working with Government institutions and other local organizations, including supporting the Estonian Refugee Council’s activities. UNHCR also provides trainings for authorities and professionals working with refugees and asylum-seekers to strengthen refugee integration and advocate for their inclusion in Estonia. 











Summer camps are often memorable experiences for children in Northern Europe, where children from different places come together to spend a few days doing different activities while becoming friends with each other. For many refugee and migrant children, there are often no opportunities to experience Estonian summer like the local children. Through the Estonian Refugee Council’s initiative, these children did not have to miss out on the experience.

The camp consisted of several activities and introduced different forms of art. On one of the days, they attended a workshop with graphic artist Naima Neidre, where she taught the children to make art with plants and to design their very own canvas bags.

The children also enjoyed their time baking and making their own creative cakes with biscuits by decorating them in different flavours and colourful sprinkles.

The evenings were spent doing different kinds of activities. From jumping on the big trampoline, playing football and nature bingo, to swimming in the lake and going to the sauna – everything was on offer for the children to enjoy the real Estonian summer.